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Hello everyone..since last august i have an anxiety with all the symptoms if DIZZINESS..strong heart beats..panic attacks..and i'm always have that feeling that i'm sick and i have a severe disease..i did a blood picture and the doctors say i'm fine and i still don't believe them..especially that i found that my neutro are 1.4 and lymphosises are 65 (it's written wcb show an absolute neutropenia+ many lymphocytes are activated ) and the doctors are saying that this is not an issue..can anyone confirm that?

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I can't help with the medical speak , that is for your doctor to explain to you and help you understand your results. But if they say this is fine then it is. There is often a wide range of results which is considered normal and healthy, we are all different.

The symptoms certainly sound like anxiety. Did you talk to your doctor about that?

Lots of us on here have had the same experience where it is hard to believe the tests but we must.


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