Hi guys. I wrote on my last post that i suffer really badly from anxiety. I am 19 years old and i am a hairdresser so i'm always on my feet and constantly tired. However i just don't like work anymore due to how much i'm being paid and literally no respect or support. I started feeling like this was before my anxiety got worse. Could my anxiety get worse because of the job i'm in? What should i do if it is? Thanks.


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  • Of course the stress of work could make it worse , anxiety always hits you harder under stress or sadness , what about a change of job ?? They don't sound very nice if you've told them how you feel and they've no sympathy for you that's not fair ..

  • I've only just qualified as a Stylist and i feel as though i'd be letting everyone down getting another job. It does stress me out, every day i dread going to work because it makes me physically sick. I hate it😔

  • Well you could always say you just want a change and gain more experience and that's through, you could move on and love the next place you work sometimes we have to take these chances ;-) :-) good luck x

  • And no job is worth it if you feel like that , you should enjoy it because I'm sure you're a very good hairdresser its always the good ones who are put down , jealousy maybe!!!

  • It's worth looking for another job, when you see some other places and how they work it well clear your head and help you decide what to do. Don't worry about letting people down, it's a job, a business arrangement we don't owe our employers our whole lives.

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