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Falling back into the Anxiety

It's been a few months since I've even had to consider getting on this sight for anything in general,

Because lately I've just been in such a great mood, mentally and physically.

But for some reason it's currently 12:22 AM and I'm having trouble sleeping,

I know I'm sleepy but I have anxiety in the back of my mind for unknown reasons.

I know i took advil earlier during the day around 1pm for my allergies, then I took a benadryl before I laid down around 11:20 or something like that tonight.

The time difference in between is great so I know it can't be the two pills mixing or anything,

The advil didn;t make me feel like this earlier so maybe it's the benadryl.

Eh either way it goes, i can't sleep so now I'll be up watching movies until my body is just so tired I pass out. :o

- Tabuu

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