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My worry stops for a little then comes on all severe

Im all worried that something is really wrong with me. The beta blocker is helping my physical anxiety symptoms, but for the past couple of days it has been hurting a little bit to swallow and my neck is really stiff . Im feeling super fatigued and like something will really go wrong. Is this just the anxiety? I really obsess over worrying thoughts.

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I have like a social phobia i think...when i wake for work i get breathless and panicy but yet ive worked at the same place for 2 years but it feels like im starting some where new every day lol i have negitive thoughs that wont leave me alone and i sweat alot when im around to many people and feel out of control. My doctor prescribed me 50mg of steraline ...hmmm maybe i should start them but im worrying already..


Hi Katie. I've found that severe anxiety quite literally closes my throat where it is hard to swallow and speak. It actually hurts. Feels like there is a tight band around my neck.

Not being able to sleep proberly just makes things worse since the body heals when a person sleeps. Also, when you are sleeping, how is your body positioned, particularly your neck? Is it correctly supported? Alternatively, the muscles could be tight due to stress, so heat packs and relaxation techniques should help.

Obsessive thoughts will clearly make things worse. Do all you can to stop these. Give yourself permission to obsess for example 5 minutes, twice daily and then say a loud STOP when the thoughts start to intrude again.


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