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hey guys i need help figuring out something

there have been quite a few times where i am just about to drift off to sleep; and suddenly i feel like i have been completely snapped out of my relaxed state. There was a time where i was inbetween the state of conceious and unconceious sleep and i had an image of me walking past a bathroom stall when suddenly the door in the dream suddenly swung open hitting me in the face; but the weird thing is , is when i was snapped out of my sleep due to the image my nose felt like it had been physically hit with the door in the "dream". can anyone tell me whats going on please....cause its starting to become repetitive.

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I think what I can tell you is your mind is an incredibly strong thing and can make everything real! Only today I woke up from a dream that felt so real! It's all in your head, don't worry too much, see if you can use something to help you relax before you go to sleep, there is an app that helped me think it's called end anxiety and they have sleeping option there


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