Acid Reflux

Acid Reflux

Hi, I have just experienced a flare up of heartburn and acid reflux after taking a supplement in the form of a tablet with loads of water during a meal. The directions stated to take 1 tablet a day during a meal. Up until last night, I wasn't experiencing any problems other than some IBS which was getting better.. Then last night, I developed reflux and heartburn symptoms. After googling my experience, it came up that taking tablets during a meal drinking water will play havoc with the digestion and infact cause acid build up . So my dilemma is: how do I take a tablet ( any tablet) with a meal when the instructions tell you to take with a meal, when it causes reflux? Part of taking any medication with a meal is sometimes so it can be easily absorbed together with food. ( applogies for this being so long winded)


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2 Replies

  • Self research can be self defeating as you're not able to take all the factors into consideration.

    Many tablets are meant to be taken with a meal and many are not. However, many tablets will give some people heartburn no matter when you take them.

    The most important thing to ask at this moment in time is what supplement are you taking?

  • Many thanks for reply.- Yes that's true enough

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