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Hi! I will be 43 in October. I have suffered from anxiety in many ways my whole life because of bipolar and the last few years more so from PTSD. In recent years I have noticed my now 15 year old daughter having major issues with anxiety. Like test anxiety begins weeks before for state regulated tests to benchmark or pass the grade or days before when it is a teacher regulated part of the class grade test. Her anxiety signs are loss of appetite, vomiting, restlessness, difficulty sleeping, and a few others that are slipping my mind at the moment. I share joint custody of my daughter with my ex husband. Every other week she must go to his house. During his weeks she has this "copy cat" type issue. Leading up to having to go to her dads, the last two nights I have my daughter we fight. Monday to Saturday she pretty much ignores me and then Sunday remembers she has me. When she does call during her dads week, she says the same words, actions, tone, enunciations-everything-that my ex husband used to say to me. To me this is a type of anxiety and I do not know how to address hers or mine!

As for me, my main problem right now is to stabilize my bipolar disorder. I have been in a mania state since this July at the earliest. The pharmaceutical drugs are seemingly making me worse. I am alienating friends. I am twisting what is being said into something completely different. I have sleeping and non sleeping bouts. Increased anger and tension. I also have other physical ailments of high cholesterol and high blood pressure and asthma. Maybe these pharmaceutical drugs are combining to make me seem crazier than the average person.

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Hello & Welcome :-)

You must have felt there was no one about with not yet receiving a reply but wanted to let you no I had read your post

I read about your Daughter and I wondered if other than you if anyone else has any concerns over the traits she is showing ?

Does your Daughter feel there is anything wrong and is she complaining it is affecting her life with friends , School etc

If not to the above I think it can be a case of keeping an eye on them , letting them know if they need support we are there and they can always talk to us if they are struggling

I know with having anxiety I always lived in fear that one of my kids may get it and I would see or pick up on things that actually were not there but my own anxiety was creating them , this is only because we care but sometimes it is a case of stepping back and just letting them know if they have any concerns we are there for them

Have you spoken to your Doctor about how you feel about your Daughters behavior , they may be able to reassure you as I would presume they will be your Daughters Doctor to

High Blood Pressure & Cholesterol I suffer with them both & take medication and I have no side effects and not sure they would be causing you to feel worse but again the best thing you could do is mention this to your Doctor as you take other medication as well it would be worth asking , as well as telling them how these new medications are making you feel , I would make an appointment and discuss all this with them

The people you are pushing away if they are true friends I am sure they will understand , maybe when you are having an ok day or moment you could explain to them how you feel & ask them even though it may be a struggle for them if they would try & understand how you are feeling at the moment and not to take it personally as you value their friendship

Take Care x


Hi! Thank you!

My daughters anxiety does affect her schooling. Her school contacts me several times a year to come pick her up because her anxiety is causing her to vomit and they have a strict no vomit rule to adhere to. Her counselor is trying to help. My daughter feels unable to trust the counselor so has anxiety about going to address anxiety. Her primary health doctor has referred us to this counselor simply to help with the anxiety. The counselor addresses all matters but anxiety coping skills it seems. And my daughter has expressed her concern over her behaviors and thinks she is the only one. She has recently come to realize that I have anxiety and her father also has anxiety. She takes little heed of my stress coping skills as her father tells her that she's fine and has no anxiety issues and ignores her. My ex husband is her father. This anxiety issue has been creating new stomach issues on top of the already present acid reflux.

As for me, I have been addressing with the doctors the new medication interactions and they don't seem to want to do more or less for me. I have asked for a more homeopathic solution than pharmaceutical solution. All of my present doctors are MDs I have to reestablish my care with the OD on the staff. As I decline in mental stability and then regain footing no one seems to care that I feel it's the new medication to assist in addressing my bipolar manic phase. As I am now for the first time in my life privately insured I seem to be getting more attentive care just not the type of listening skills I would like. I do NOT want to be on disability or made into a medication zombie. I enjoy working! It keeps the sanity in a routine but yet it stresses out my mental ability to handle my anxiety. Again my pleas for better more appropriate listening doctors do not hear where I need their help they run me over which destabilizes my mental condition more.



It does not sound like you are in the UK , am I correct because I cannot relate to the Health Care you seem to be getting but I would ask for a second opinion if you can for you & your Daughter :-)

Let us know how you get on :-) x


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