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ANXIETY - Universal Bummer

This was originally a reply to one of those ANXIETY posts that everyone of us have written once.

I figured I could use this as a post.


sorry for all of your conditions. Well, it is not a condition really. It is a situation we all anxiety lads land ourselves into.

They say knowing that you are not the only one helps, Well if that's true, please know that all you guys are not alone, HELL NO!. (How can 'ALL YOU GUYS' be alone anyway, stupid!)

There is no way, anyone can change anything about the way you feel, trust me when I say this. I don't wanna go all philosophical on you, but trust me, it's just you, all YOU, all the way.

One of my friends here on HealthUnlocked named 'Taboo' in one of his all the awesome posts said:

"What most of us do is that we 'Live in the head, and not in the moment'".

If you manage to understand this, it will take care of most of the things that bother you.

Now comes the part where I SUPER relate to you guys.

HEART : Healthy, declared by a cardiologist.

ADDICTION and UN-healthy habits : None for 6 months now. Quit smoking the day I got a HOAX heart attack. Better known as a SUPER panic attack.


1. Inconsistent heart rate. (only when I go conscious about it)

2. Sometimes it feels my heart's gonna stop (I look like a fool when I check my own pulse in front of my friends)

3. Sometimes it feels I am gonna spit it out. (worst feeling)

4. Pain that travels and makes me think its a symptom of HEARTH ATTACK

5. DE-PERSONALISATION/DE-REALIZATION (like all the shit I mentioned above wasn't enough)

GIVEN (Things that I do to avoid this shit from lasting)

1. Gym

2. Cardio

3. Healthy high protein diet

4. Stay busy and positive (That's what i try to do at least but fail drastically)

All in all, its a bummer really. Have been dealing with it from a young age of 17, and am 23 now.

Just don't let it get you.... That's all I can say...

As I type this, I feel like I am going to run out of my beats.... It mind boggling man

Anyway, Feel free to speak to me if that helps. I should be on this site for at least 14 hours a day.



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Agree with you. I have had this since my mum died when I was 26. I am now 67. Years can go by then wham, almost no reason. My anxiety is digestive. Pain like a band round my chest , feeling of being unable to get food down. Panic, shakes you name it. Sorry but unable to Cope without tranquillisers.

Sometimes takes a couple of months to improve. Have it now, had a major op in May and have had a few problems now they are getting better this. Feel sorry for my husband.. Like most people have tried every holistic med going , nothing works just have to get through it.

So many of us so must be a condition of sorts. Hope you all have a better day

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Sorry to hear about your mom.

I have my own share of losses. My brother to name one, 4 months ago, since then, my CONDITION has just quadrupled.

"unable to Cope without tranqs" ....

Don't wanna start a convo on this, however that's something I would like to do when I am out of my godamn mind. My thing has not worsened yet, I don't wanna know how it feels when it does. I might as well end up resorting to tranqs so I don't wanna make a BOLD statement like, "SPARTANS, NO TRANQS, NO MATTER WHAT, HOORRAAH!"

But then yeah, none of them for now.

I hope you do well.



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Had them for 15 years now. Promise you not out of my mind yet!!

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That duration is like 70 percent of my age, I guess I am too young to outwit you on this one. I hope I share the same thing as you when it comes to the whole 'not losing the mind' thing.




Been suffering with panic attacks/Anxiety for a long time now. Same as you, quit smoking cold turkey 5 months ago because of recent constant panic attacks. Agree that staying busy helps, working out/walking is another thing. I am still trying to figure ways to deal with it once I am in that panic stage, seems like nothing works until it passes. Wish there was a simple fix..I agree it's internal issue, and there I thought it was my stressful job...switched it up and still suffering with anxiety. I guess the realization is that it is a part of me and always will be. I just need to learn to manage it.

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Hope well work this shit out brother.



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