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My Leg Basically Died!

This morning I woke up at 6:30 A.M to my alarm clock going off so I got out of bed to turn it off and when I walked over to the clock I collapsed. I walked for only a couple seconds and my right leg collapsed. I couldn't feel it from my thigh down to my feet! So I got up again trying to shake it off and I collapsed yet again! So I crawled to my alarm turned it off and hopped on one foot to get back in bed. And the funny thing is when I woke up I wasn't even laying on my leg. Should I be worried? This is the first time something like this has ever happened. HELP!!!

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You probably were in some kind of position to compress the nerve and numb the leg. You're only aware once you're awake enough to turn off the alarm but by then you've probably moved a wee bit anyway.

Considering that it's OK now, otherwise you'd say it is still numb, I would say that it's nothing to worry about.


I have had that happen several occasions . I am not sure what causes it . But , I blame my Medications . Something To Ask Your Doctor . Hope you find out ?! Let us know . I am sure someone here knows exactly what is .


Hi its been happening to me recently alot and it's scary! Mine is because of my meds-im taking a maoi and seroquel for my depression and anxiety, and they both have this side effect . Its called hypo postural tension, and it is actually a big deal - ive had several big falls that could easily have caused serious damage when i fell down, hitting my head on side of sink etc. Read up on it online, theres things you can do to help prevent it, you should also get your doctor to check it, you need to keep aneye on it as it is relatedto blood flow, the heart and brain functioning. Good luck!


No it has happened to me also, sometimes my leg is tingling and I can't move, walk or do nothing. I stay where it happens until it goes away. It is a horrible feeling. If I try to walk or move I will fall down also. Hope you feel better.


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