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Avoiding the news can be helpful

I guess we need to know about what's happening in our world to some extent. But I find it adds to my feelings of anxiety and deep sadness if I'm constantly hearing about tragedy and cruelty. I don't need to be saturated with all this news. I know it happens and am myself living with its consequences because my own loving and compassionate daughter died in horrific circumstances. I won't expose myself to newspapers - all of the 'popular' newspapers report falsely and turn tragedy into the equivalent of a crude comic strip. (They did so in regard to my daughter's death.) This doesn't mean I'm hiding and I do my best to help the vulnerable people at the care home where I work. I sign certain online petitions because I do want to be part of making changes. But I don't have a TV because I find it's very difficult to avoid all that oppressive energy coming out of it. It's just my opinion but I feel that we absorb a lot of negativity from seeing and hearing about awful things on the TV, and even from hearing about the endless political wrangling. I think we can store it all subconsciously, which adds to our anxiety.

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I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your Daughter this must be one of the hardest things anyone ever has to cope with and I hope you have had lots of support

I agree about the news and absorbing things from the internet as well as the TV

I don't go without a TV however as I do get a lot of pleasure from some of the program's I watch but I do have my remote near me and as soon as I no something will upset me I change channels as I have learnt if I read or watch certain things they will get to me so I stay away from them

I hope you are keeping well :-)

Take Care x

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Dear Bounce,

Thank you for your kind and sensitive reply.

Yes I think there must be some really excellent programmes to watch which can be really enjoyable and uplifting so it's good that you get to see those. And I agree that the internet can also throw some horrible things at us. When I open my AOL emails there are often very sad things being highlighted and I quickly close them off.

I hope very much you are keeping well also. x

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I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your daughter, I cannot begin to fathom how you cope after something like that.. I have found recently if I avoid FB and other networking sites I am a lot calmer.. I love craft work so immerse myself into doing that and believe me your right.. I feel better for it .. it does add to our anxiety and as you so rightly say a lot of it falsely reported.. so we only get garbled news.. the fact you as a sensitive person works in a care home is in itself amazing to me as I would find this to would affect me as I am HSP.. please take care and I send you much love and peace xx


Thank you very much Pat, for your extraordinary empathy.

I agree about FB...I recently re-joined after some years of staying away from it and I already want to leave it again. Working in the care home is certainly very challenging and it's when I get home that it 'hits' me. But I admire you for pursuing your craft work, because I seem to lack the patience and commitment to craft work, yet I know it would soothe me. It's ironic really, because what I do at the care home is provide creative activities.

Forgive my ignorance but may I ask what is HSP?

You take care too dear Pat. x


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