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Propranolol 40mg and anxiety?

Hi, I'm new here, stumbled upon this whlist looking for more information on medication. I'm 27 and I've been having anxiety attacks for longer than I care to remember. Recently my doctor prescribed 40mg propranolol to take 'when I feel anxious', although initially said to take one or perhaps two a day but it is safe to take 3. I find these really help with the physical symptoms but I still don't feel relaxed. My attacks are always the worst first thing in the morning, as soon as I wake up my thoughts start rushing and my heart starts racing. I've had a lot of stresses in my life over the past few months but I'm unable to pinpoint what the trigger is. I'm worried about going to work, felt so anxious during work I was tempted to ask to go home, but can't afford that. I have my first meeting with a therapist tomorrow morning and I'm worried about what I will say and how to explain everything. I've started becoming anxious before bed because I'm worried about waking up with the awful feelings, so it's turning into a vicious circle. I feel completely exhausted and like I'm struggling to cope with all the recent events alongside work and looking after my post op husband and my daughter. Has anyone had a more positive experience beginning therapy or propranolol? I know medication isn't always the long term solution, but I can't imagine not taking it now that I have. Sorry if I'm waffling. Thanks if you read all of this! Eva

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Hi there therapy will help you and its great that you are taking that step.

If you aren't already try some meditation apps, yoga and exercise these seem to help lots of people and just try to find moments for yourself go out with friends a little more often and have a laugh just try to lighten up life :) I should take my own advice lol

I have propranolol in 10mg tablets and find it doesn't do much everyone seems to be taking them at 40mg can you tell me how you feel when you take them do they make you tired or anything?


Hi Aazz thanks for replying.

I'm hoping to try yoga soon, and I plan on going out with a friend tomorrow after the therapy so hopefully I'll feel a bit better after that.

I find that I am incredibly tired since taking them but they get rid of the awful physical effects immediately so the benefits are outweighing the negatives personally atm. And I was feeling exhausted anyway, I think it's why I dread work its quite intense trying to remember everything when I feel like I could fall asleep any moment.

How are the 10mg, maybe try the 40mg to see if they help?



I really want to try but I'm one of those who are afraid of meds even though o know there is nothing to worry about.

I'm glad you have a plan we will get through this :)


Yeah we will do, nothing lasts forever, right? I feel a little better for posting here. You said the 10mg don't seem to work but have you had any negative effects from them? I really didn't want medication but was sick of struggling, and all the antidepressants I've tried had some hideous side effects that I don't have the time or capability to push through. Keep in touch we can work through it together. I'm still dreading tomorrow but not feeling as bad at the moment.


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