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Anxiety & Stress...neck tension etc


I've been feeling stressed lately , which of course messes with my anxiety . I have pains in my neck & it feels extremely tense then the base of my neck too . Anyone have any techniques on how to relive the tension. These little aches & pains in the back of my neck & base ..worry me . Then I get health anxiety. I haven't googled or went on my dr app at the moment. I'm only looking for advice . I have been stressing & crying a bit , couldn't finish writing my homework. it's frustrating because when I am calm I think of "negative" thoughts but when I'm anxious I only want to relax & think positive thoughts lol ..ugh.

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Hello :) With anxiety comes all kind of symptoms, one of them being the neck pain. I seem to carry all my stress and anxiety in my neck. Over the years, my neck has become so tight. I use different techniques to calm the tightness by deep breathing, relaxation but what works the best is a hot towel right out of the dryer. I immediately can feel my shoulders relax and then my neck feels better. Apparently I am raising my shoulders to meet my ears whenever I am scare/anxious, my neck goes forward into a fight or flight respond and the circle is complete. When being on the computer or holding the phone, looking down to read a book etc. I do this in spurts so that my neck doesn't get extremely tight which then makes me dizzyheaded. I cry too, maybe too much but it helps release the feelings for a while. I wish you well. Take care.


Oh ! I haven't thought that hot towel idea! I definitely should try that . & same to you! Take care💞


Sorry to hear that you are so stressed. Some simple neck rotation or chin tuck exercises may help with the tension in your neck. Have a look on the nhs website. I also find yoga, pilates and massage can help as I have ongoing neck pain/conditions. If it gets worse then go see your gp. Try to keep calm and not Google health issues. Take care x

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Thank you 💞 I'll check that site out


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