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Severe anxiety

Anyone else have the same problem? I have severe anxiety. Everyday I feel like my heart is gonna stop. I keep thinking if I'm going to die any day now. I've been checked by so many doctors, they all say I'm super healthy. Every time I am squating or sitting, once I get up I get super fatigue and my heart starts pounding super hard. I feel like I'm going to pass out. I keep having pain in my body such stabbing, burning and aching. I feel nauseous everyday, even before and after I eat. I feel like my body is gonna shut down. I lost my appetite. I get bloated everyday. I have so much air in my abdominal. It's making me uncomfortable. Please anyone who can relate. Please help me.

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Hello, those are all normal symptoms with anixtey. If the bloating doesn't go away definitely get it checked. Also to help with those thoughts get counciling it helps.


Hi dezzy :-) a lot of people can relate. The physical things you are feeling are down to you feeling anxious. When did your anxiety start? What is worrying you apart from feeling ill? You are not alone. There are many feeling the same way right now. The good news is the Drs said you are healthy. That's physically. Mentally and emotionally you won't feel as such.


I'm glad the doctor says you are okay. I'm like you, and so many of us, that don't trust doctors. but if it was something really serious I think they would see it. I'm so sorry you're going through this. I know how you feel. It's scary but probably okay.


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