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Im new here and Ive read a few posts and really surprised that a LOT of them have no replies.. I thought this was a place were we could write about our problems and have some feedback, be it concern, comfort, support or suggestions of help.. Its sad to read so many people with anxiety issues which are debilitating and noone is there to reassure them..... just saying


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  • Sometimes people are so caught up with their own issues that they can't reply 😔😔js

  • I keep trying love it baffles me too 😊 had it 35 years and I've have a different outlook on it I try to put a smile on peoples faces with my humour. But then I have suffered a long time maybe some of them may have just started with the illness and cant see the way out. I was there once. I'll keep trying though😉

  • Yeah... same, I know what its like to feel way and I will keep trying to help if I can.

    When they just start, it is a feeling of helplessness, wondering why you dont have control of your own body. Its not nice

    Im with you... try and make at least one person smile :-)

  • Hi there, don't let it worry you, as I've only being on this site a few times and I've been happy with what I've read and the feedback people give. If you wish for people to give a reply just keep writing in, everyone does read each other's messages and responds, I don't think it a matter of people not wanting to respond I think it depends on the advice they want and can it be given in a professional manner and of course it's the lifestyle we all lead and the timing we have in one day to respond, hang in there.

  • I agree and understand what you mean but everything everyone has or feels is fear and anxiety and there is one answer for all and how many times can it be said. fear is awful and I don't have the answer to how we stop being afraid and just jump, sorry x love to you all, wish I could help

  • I know it seems like no one helps on these sites, but we have to remember that we are all in the same boat. When looking at the number of people like ourselves who are suffering everyday, it can become overwhelming. It's like not knowing which one to help first. Plus, knowing that I am still struggling makes it hard for me to "pass it forward". As you can see by my name, I am Agoraphobic as well. I have the time but not the emotional strength to always be able to know what to say. It's a lonely disorder in being anxious. I'd be the first to jump on the band wagon if I only knew of a cure. I will write more at a different time, on different modalities that I have used over the years. Meanwhile, take one day at a time.

  • Speaking for myself, there are some posts that I can't relate to because my symptoms are totally different than theirs. Since I don't experience what they are feeling, I leave those posts to others that can relate. It's not that I don't sympathise, it's that I want someone that knows better about their symptoms to respond with their support and suggestions. Welcome to this site, maybe you can relate to them and give them support and suggestions.

  • I get lost and overwhelmed forget where and what I've posted 😁 sorry!!!

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