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Problems with my sternum

Has anyone experienced pain in their sternum with acid reflux? I have gotten all the lung function tests done and they all came back normal . I have to go in for an asthma test in a week. I am currently under the care of a gastoenterologist and I was diagnosed with having costohondritis. The pain from my sternum has really been interfering with my daily life activities. I get so burnt out quickly and I can't even work out the way I did even 4 months ago. I am going to get an upper endoscopy done this week. This pain is awful. I take aleve and do heat packs for the pain.

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suggest that you get your B12 levels checked. Anxiety and acid reflux are among problems that can be cause by a deficiency


unfortunately medications for acid reflux tend to make the situation worse if B12 is the underlying cause but GPs really aren't very aware of B12 deficiency, causes, symptomology, detection or anything else. It is one condition where test results are NOT a good guide.

If you do think it might be a factor then suggest you join the PAS forum and post results there

I used to get really bad acid reflux - only way of dealing with it was to throw up when it was at its worst.


You will probably be prescribed medication , such as Omeprazole ( proton pump inhibitor) which should cure the problem if indeed it is just reflux. Good luck


All the things you feel i felt that too 2months ago and when it started i thought its acid reflux and felt funny on my stomach,got pains in the sternum and shooting pains everywhere in the chest.the doctor also diagnosed it as costochondritis because also my work is more on physical.i got plain chest xray and ultra sound it was normal and i had colonoscopy and gastroscopy but the doctors said theres nothing to worry.i even had ekg,ecg,stress test and 24hour heart monitor but nothing,next thing you feel is painful tingling in your head and i had a ct scan in the head its all normal..its all right to check everything i even still on going test because i always felt dizzy...


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