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Bad Panic Attack

I have had battles w HA and have experienced some pretty bad panic today dealin with irrational thoughts. I haven't had anxiety since my teens but am currently in a state of high stress. Things on the news are really freaking me out and I had a nightmare about going crazy. Although I know I am in a st la frame of mind and ppl just don't go crazy and good coping skills anyone uses to overcome? Am going to see my psych tomorrow as I am in an extreme panic mode at the moment but anything current will help

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Seems like your overactive mind is a few days in front. Try making a list of the obvious things on your mind and tick em off when sorted one by one, the more I have on my mind the more anxious I get, which gives me other symptoms like panick attacks irrational thoughts. My psyc. Told me if you think your going mad you never will I always hold on to this. Hope everything goes ok 👌 x


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