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Derealization from iPad?

Hey guys I had Derealization for a month now... I had it because of sleep deprivation. A week later it faded but it came back. Every time I stare at my iPad my vision gets blurry. And the only time I feel real is when looking at my iPad. I think I've gotten so used to my iPad screen that everything outside feels so unreal. Should I avoid the iPad?

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I think nowadays with all the technology we have ipads , laptops phones and so on staring at the screens of these things is no good for us if we do not take breaks they do advise you do , so I would eliminate the time you spend on it and see if things improve :-) x


Ive had the same especially this last week and it feels like im going crazy!!! I'll try limiting my technology use, however I feel its the only thing that kind of distracts me from my negative thoughts and obsessive worrying...


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