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Need some advice

I newly joined a church and as part of the ceremony, everyone is required to pour some wine into a small glass and drink it. My anxiety was too overwhelming and my hands trembled while holding the glass. Other people might have thought I was just not used to it because I was new. But since then, I have been avoiding the ceremony altogether by going an hour late. And now someone said to me, out of kindness, that if it's possible, try not to be late and take part in the ceremony. But the picture of me holding the glass scares me too much. I don't know what to do. I can't give more excuses.

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Do not feel stressed try and just relax. Are you having problems at home when pouring fluids ?

The wine represents the blood of Christ and although our church does not do this activity I suppose you are concerned pouring out the wine that represents the blood of Christ. No-one will be watching, can you ask someone to pour the wine out for you ?? Is the bread not soaked with the wine ??

In some churches I understand the bread is soaked with wine, so that is a different way of doing it. Take a deep breath and try again, you will get used to doing it. All is just new for you. Our Lord will not look bad upon you if you spill a bit. So stop worrying.

All will become natural given time please do not miss the Mass that is all to do with your faith, stick at it!!!.



Thank you so much for your reply.

No, the bread is not soaked in the wine. And I'm afraid I have to do it on my own.

I have social anxiety. My biggest fear is always the thought of trembling terribly in front of other people. So I have anxiety with any act in front of people, not just with pouring the wine. I don't want to give any more excuses, but the thought of it is too stressful to handle. I want to praise The Lord like everyone else but I keep avoiding it and it's so upsetting...

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Hello Canres,

Take no notice of those around you, your will is strong and this activity will become easier with time. Our Lord will not be upset if you tremble or shake. Have words with the Priest and it may be possible to get around your problem.

It is important that you can participate in the Mass, it is for all and the church should help. Stick to trying at least. This Mass is part of you and you should be given assistance

Ask for Help!!!


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I would just talk to some people in this church and just plain level with them... tell them the truth...right up front... and see what THEY come up with! Chances are you will not find them critical, but very supportive... I cannot see anything wrong with getting a little assistance...and I'm sure they won't either. Give it a whirl!! :) Good luck!


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