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In self discrution mode can't see away past this help I want to stay strong for my new born baby girl

This blue dot /blodge is very persistent it comes and goes one day I'll see it once then one day I'll see it 2 3 even 4 times maybes I see floaters but I can handle them even tho they annoy me I just keep thinking brain tumor brain tumor my eye test are combing bak good and healthy please help I have just had a little girl who is 6 week old I want to be strong for her but this is makeing me I'll seriously x

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Hi I had this after haven my baby boy then I got diagnosed with postnatal depression the anxiety is the worst ... sounds like ur in the myths of it but don't worry it will pass and get easier if u can go to bed and do breathing exercises r even better get out walks a little ata time tho .... it will pass hun x


Yes I no I'm not bothered about the anxiety it's the blue dot what's bringing it on hence makeing my anxiety worse because I have learnt to control it but this blue dot won't go but my eye test say it's fine could it be because I have broke my cheek bone and abit of my eye socket in December x


It could be or once you get up.in the Morn ur thinking about it and it comes on automatically x

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i think the important thing is to keep as calm as possible. As far as I know everyone gets floaters and they are mildly annoying.

The blue dot is a little more,but only a little more worrying but I would have thought does not indicate a brain tumour. Don't worry, it would show up pretty quickly and seriously if you did have a brain tumour and I would be willing to bet quite a lot you don't have a brain tumour. Just remember there are quite a few blind people who would give a lot to have a few floaters and a blue dot,and apart from these normal vision which your eye tests are showing. Opticians are very good and would almost certainly spot if their was any sign of anything getting worse with your vision.Its one of the best understood fields in medicine and if the blue dot was anything to worry about (I presume you mentioned it to them) they would have told you.

The blue dot could well be the result of your injury and will almost certainly pass in time. You have done well to cope with your anxiety , don't let this blue dot undo all that good work. Use the same techniques you have used to control your anxiety on this blue dot


Thank you realy helps it's just when I see it I get the weirdest feeling in my body it scares me and it gets me when am relaxed like in the shower I seen it the other night on the tiles when I look at my telly I can see quite a few little dots out he sides of my eyes but I think it's all hyped up through my anxiety and I had it pretty serve for around 3 years threw the passing off my mum and your right someone blind would kill for my eye sight


Hi, sorry you are dealing with this. Any type of eye issue is very distressing because everywhere you look".....there it is..last November I started having tons of floaters and a dark spot in left eye. I called doctor and they told me to come right over. That scared me. When they examined me they said I needed to see a Retina Specialist. I said I would make an appointment. They said no, you will go right now..we will call for you. I started to panic ...they said my Retina had detached. Anyway I went, had emergency surgery, gas bubble, couple months of adjusting...long process, and now I have a cataract and floaters which are a side effect of surgery I had, but it saved my sight. So now I have blurry, clouded vision in that eye. I must wait a year before they will consider removing the fog / cataract. I know how you feel always having something weird in your eye. I get strange lights off and on too, And I fear I will get it in the other eye...if I were you I would go to a Specialist and or a Retina specialist and tell them about this blue spot. Second opinion can't hurt and its probably nothing, but at least you will know for sure. My floaters always seem to be large and gray colored but I do see lights sometimes black, sometimes white.

Hang in there, get it checked, and try to adjust...I know how hard it us when it's your eyes...

Take care.


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