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Struggling today

So down. In pain all over my body (arms and legs) have a terrible headache that won't shift and completely out of my own body. Everything is foggy and distant I have narrowly avoided three crashes today as I just wasn't paying attention. So tired. I have no idea what put me in this place as I was ok this morning. My body feels numb and I am constantly thinking about all my tablets sitting upstairs! need something or someone to pick me up from this cos I haven't got the strength.

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Just tell yourself ok today was not a good day and I accept it and that's ok. I am calm and tomorrow will be better. Try to do something relaxing or distracting and keep reminding your self that you are healthy, strong and calm.

Hope you feel better :)


Thank you. Yesterday was not a good day but today feels a little easier. Just need to make your words my mantra. Thanks again. ⭐️


I always find when I tell my self I am strong it gives me motivation to tell my anxiety to F off lol

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Are you withdrawing from meds? I only ask, bc of the tablet comment. I'm 2 months off Klonopin, so can completely understand. I've suffered GAD for years, but withdrawal takes it to a whole new level. Best of luck. GG


No I'm not withdrawing. I have just "settled"on this dose but am not sure it's right after all as I am starting to struggle again, maybe it will pass! Thanks for taking the time to reply. 😊


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