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Is this anxiety?

I am 18 years old. I went through a traumatic time for 7 months this past year ending in May. This traumatic event has lead my doctor believing I have depression. I don't want to believe I have it so I do not take medicines. I want to be the happy person everyone believes I am. Even my nickname at work is "happy". But truly I have hate for myself. I had work at a restaurant at 4. Around 2 I ate some pizza abd drank a whole glass of water. When I got to work I drank some more water. I got stressed out at work for about 30 minutes during rush but other than that I was in a fine mood. Suddenly about an hour or so after being stressed I got a random sensation of pressure on my forehead which made my eyes feel a little heavy. I told my coworker and she just told me to drink more water. I did and then my manager asked if I was okay. I just said "yeah my head just feels weird" which lead her to ask if I had a headache, I said "no it's just like pressure, not really a headache. We then went about our business but about another hour later with small moments of feeling woozy I was walking past my manager's office and my arm suddenly began to tingle and then I became extremely lightheaded like I couldn't control myself. I thought I was going to pass out. I quickly grabbed onto the door frame for balance and told my manager trying to laugh so I wouldn't feel so awkward that there was something really wrong with me and my arm was tingling. She then asked if I wanted to sit down. I said yes and she was going to take over my job. In order to do so She needed a 3 digit code to access the register. She handed me a pen and paper and asked me to write it down. I was still feeling light headed and for some reason I could barely write. But when I did I wrote 577 when my numbers really were 522. I just looked at the paper after writing it and seeing that I wrote the wrong numbers. I felt so confused. I just looked at my manager freaking out and I repeatedly said "I can't remember my numbers, I can't remember my numbers!" and then right after saying that I remembered them. I then was escorted to a table and my hands were shaky and my lip was tingling and I still felt light headed. What was/is wrong with me?

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Morning lovely,

When I had my first panic attack, I was so freaked out. I had no idea what it was or what was going on!

I had real bad pins and needles in my hands, I felt so light headed, my vision was strange, my head hurt, I couldn't breathe, I couldn't swallow.. I felt very disoriented. Almost like I was in a dream.

Panic attacks can be so scary.. Maybe talk to your doctor, just to get a bit of advice? x


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