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Hi my name is Tam and I am a 25 year old mother of 2. It seems I developed anxiety with my hormones changes when I had my second daughter. It has been 4 years now and I am having anxiety physical symptoms daily. The shortness of breath is the worst. Along with feeling off balance. I think it is turning into health anxiety because now I think there is always something wrong with me. I am very short tempered and agitated all the time. I am ready for this to be over!! Anyone have any natural remedies that have worked? My anxiety scares me away from medications. But I need help!

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I remember years ago when I had my Children my anxiety because I had already got some to a certain degree but once I had them it escalated and mine to focused on my health

I think a part of me was always worried what if something happened to me who would bring them up , even though they had a Dad and Family it became a massive fear

Have you spoken to your Doctor about how you are feeling ?

I understand you not wanting medication I have again always been the same but there are other things like Counselling

I know when my Children were young I was afraid to say anything thinking everyone would think I was a bad Mother if I did or even worse they would come and take them away from me so I bottled it all up which resulted in everything getting out of control including my anxiety but those fears were irrational and especially today as how you are feeling is quiet common as you can see just by how many members are on this community and from the posts !

Natural remedies can help some , there are things like calms , or St JohnsWart all which you can get in your Chemist , health shops etc

Some say Lavender on their pillows help at night as well as the Herbal teas they do now a days , I think it is trying these things though to know if they will help you

Relaxing exercises which if you put into Google will bring lots up for you to look at ( don't Google health problems though :-/ ) as well as mindfulness

There are lot's of different books on Amazon , Claire Weeks is a popular author that has books about anxiety , all these things can help but talking to others , been open about how you feel and asking for help above all these things I would say is the main thing we need and just joining this community I hope will help in some small way if to just know you are not alone

Take Care x


My anxiety started when my kids father passed in a tragic car accident... I was having panic attacks daily..I took Zoloft and Prozac... Side effects were horrible so I stopped..I've been trying natural remedies such as organic drinks and all natural pills...I'm still suffering from extreme head pressure and dizziness... Tingling in my hands and feet...only thing that works for me is xanax..but I've been told they are addicting...I take walks on the beach fresh air always work for me...anxiety is the devil..but we will defeat it

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Fair play to you well done I done exact. Same still hv this weird feeling not getting enough air and feeling of choking keep telling my self it's anxiety and it's just trying to play tricks on me just go day by day u hv to especially. When u hv kids good luck

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One way possibly

When you feel bad I understand is to cover your nose face with you cupped hands or paper bag, inhale, then breath out that may help

Discuss your feelings with your GP ASAP.



Hi, bless you I truly empathise. My problems also started after my second child. I was in the darkest place , I was 30, I did take medication under duress I might add moved back in with my parents as I couldn't be alone( with kids, husband worked very long hours) anyway over the years it has turned into health anxiety I'm now 42 and so far I have to say I'm still here!!! Shortness of breath , couldn't make it upstairs, dizzy , lightheaded, tingling, twitches, head ache , shooting head pain, tight in chest, palpataions , heart flips , sharp pain near heart , numb limbs , vision problems, ringing ears, feeling sick, run to loo, insomnia , very tired I could go on!! I had therapy, family ,friends, I read and re read Dr Clair weeks book,( still do ) took Bach rescue remedy , used essential oils! The best advice I can give you is let it pass over you the feelings are real but they won't harm you physically , remain strong in your mind and tell yourself this is just my hormones and anxiety I'm stronger than this, my children need me and I'm sure as hell going to be here for them!! You will as well , you are strong and your maternal instinct is stronger than this HA . I wish you all the best don't be alone and get support, look after yourself , let us know how you are.

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Have you been diagnosed with anxiety disorder because you mentioned hormonal changes. You can have symptoms of anxiety when your hormones change. Maybe you should talk to your doctor and have him do some tests . You owe it to your children to find out what is causing you to be short tempered and agitated. If meds are needed, you should consider them since you need to feel better for your children.


Bush flower essences 'emergency essence'

homeopathic liquid,7 drops on the tongue gives me immediate slight relief for 10 minutes.

Also,similar is VITA FONS 2 here in u.k. the 'water' drops and talcum powder are the most powerful.Whak some powder on your chest for some relief.

Herbal,I find 'vicks' inhaler(menthol etc.)helps my breathing.

Also herbal can help dizziness ,light-headedness, is 'peace of mind' by SENSORY THERAPY' (a menthol type cream,very powerful,just a couple of dots on your temples.

I have no idea if these products are available outside the u.k.

But may give you something to research and perhaps try.

A natural body remedy is E.F.T.(emotional freedom technique),(you tap with your finger on several acupressure points on the head and chest),very very helpful.

You can possibly learn it free from internet.Very surprising results I found.

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Hi tam I feel the very same feeling of not getting enough air and choking remember your not on your own I was put on citrol and couldn't hack the side effects so went of them still having these sensations but every time I think of it I tell myself it's my anxiety trying to get the better off me so my opinion take deep breaths in through your nose out through your mouth get up even how bad it maybe try keep yourself buzy it's not easy but it's only your brain trying to get the better of us u try fight it girl your so young hope you feel better soon it will get a bit easier ad you keep going just take it day by day good luck


Try some Bach remedies they do work they hav helped me all the best it's so hard at times


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