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Ok, so about two months ago I started to get a sore throat. Then I had a full blown cold for about a week. After a while my cough, sore throat and headaches went but the congestion stayed... Now I've started getting a sore throat and feeling the same again and I'm not sure if they are related or am I just paranoid? The congestion is going on forever and it's really annoying me! I just can't get over illness like everyone else because it seems to stick around for weeks. Is it possible that I am still suffering from the same cold?

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It could be that you are getting as you say congestion which could have lingered from the cold you had before and when you get bad congestion you can get sore throats and cold like symptoms

Have you tried steaming to help clear the congestion , it can help

If it is ongoing have a word with your Doctor they can maybe prescribe something to help clear it as well as giving you some peace of mind

I also find that sometimes when we suffer with anxiety it can make us so run down that we seem to pick more colds and things up x


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