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Never ending stress

I have a very important exam and I wasted alot of time. Now I am so so stressed my muscles ache. Specially the muscles in my left shoulder. They seem taut and my whole body seems like its under tension. I'm having stomach problems and heart palpitations too. And ehen I lie down on bed I feel like I can't feel the part of my body where I am lying down. Please help with this. Is this muscle tautnesss serious? b😕

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These are common symptoms for stress and anxiety. I'm sorry you're feeling so sick. I often procrastinate studying but all you can do now is get what studying you can in now before your exam. I'm sure you'll do okay. All you can do is try your best.

And since we're talking about it, I should study lol

Good luck!


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Hahaha thank you so much. Best of LUCK to you as well 😁😁


Use heat packs all day, every day until the muscle softens. Alternatively and if you can, get it massaged out. Don't leave it, because the longer you do the more it's going to hurt, AND it'll take longer to heal. I've been doing this for over a week. I'm finally getting some relief. Please don't wait. Use the heat packs ASAP for as long as necessary.


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