Anxiety and fear back

Hi guys I've been on here before but came back for some support and someone to talk to so I've struggled with GAD for about a year now and when it started it was health and death related and I thought I had mostly gotten rid of the worst parts of it. Well now I have a horrible fear of cancer or dying in general from something like that I can't control I have not much family history of it and I'm only 16 but it's so hard because I want to live my full live and experience my life please help

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  • Hi,

    what you are feeling is very common with anxiety. I have had it for along time. I do not know if you have tried antidepressants or not, but they can help. Practicing telling your self daily that the truth is , you are fine and not dying, it may take a few weeks to kick in , but it helps. You just have start flexing your mental muscles . Like lifting weights it takes time but thoughts can be changed. I hope you can take a moment to just breath a sigh of relief and know you are ok.:)

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