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Hey my name is Usman I'm 26yrs old father of 2 and another lil baby on the way. I've been a mechanic ever since I left school. Life has been good up until I lost me dearest cousin to an accident in the workshop which really was devistating. I did all the last rituals and laid him to rest in peice. I started to get on with my life and just try getting on with things. Now slowly I started feeling a pressure type sensation in my head which stayed around the face then over a little period moved around in other parts of my face making me think there something seriously wrong with me my legs started feeling weak all around my body and little aches and pains. My left arm and leg was tingly chest feeling tight and very scary thoughts going through my mind. I have been to doctors who have done all the test they can think of part from ct scan and everything is normal. I'm just so worried as the symptoms are very scary I keep thinking I'm having a stroke or heart attack or think i have a serious illness. I need help quick thanks

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try meeting psychologist , this group is for support ,

nobody can diagnose you,

Once you have been diagnosed you can know that what is the exact problem with you and then you can discuss your problem in this group with people who are facing the same problem like you!!

That is the best way to start your healing process!!

Hope this helps!1


I know it's anxiety as I've been diagnosed with it. But was looking for people who have the same symptoms just so I can satisfy my self and know that the doctors are not neglecting me


what anxiety you have, ODC, GAD ,SAD or PTSD or anything else?

That will help you understand your problem better and by understanding your problem better you will be able to heal your anxiety better way!!

And Please mention what your doctor told you about your anxiety,

what you have mentioned is general symptoms and nothing particular about what you want help,

If it for vent out than it is okay ,

If you want help always try to be specific and ask specific questions!!

Hope this helps!!


It's GAD I have

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Since you have been checked out, you know you are fine physically. You have just experienced a very unpleasant experience and I'm sorry for your loss. You will be experiencing many different feelings and symptoms but anxiety does a number on your mind. Stay active, talk about your loss and don't dwell on symptoms. The more you think about them, the worse you will feel. Sounds like you have a beautiful family. Enjoy your family and concentrate on them. You will still get sympto but when you are busy, you can push through and the symptoms wont be so bad or will go away. Congrats on new baby. One day at a time and you will feel better.


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