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Work problems - Capability to work?

For the last year I have been suffering with anxiety, depression and panic attacks due to this I have had a significant amount of time off of work and have now reached a capability meeting to discuss wether or not I am going to be kept on. I know that this is just protocol but tomorrow is the meeting and I am really anxious that I am going to lose my job.

I'm sat at my desk trying to control the panic I really don't want any one I work with to see me have a fully blown panic attack and I feel like one is going to come on and all I wanna do is go home and sleep.

Has anyone else gone through capability processes due to long-term absence?

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I have GAD for last five years and I am working as software developer and I can understand what you are feeling right now,

In those meetings where you will have to sit for long time and your stomach is making all worse!!

Though I havent ever left work because of anxiety What I do is I will go to dormatory when I feel too anxious and I will sleep there!!

And little sleep helps you so much!!

The fundamental solution is get out of anxious situation and feel good for some time that will make you feel calm and normal and help you think and see clearly when you are anxious.

I want to convey those calm moment gives you power in your anxious moments!!

As I am writing now I came from my 20 mins sleep but before I was too anxious because of my work environment but I went to sleep and had good sleep.

As getting good sleep is not the always easy for me, but luckily today I got and I am feeling energetic now!!

Hope this helps!!!


Thank you yeah that helps, it's just I'm unsure wether or not I will be in a job at the end of today


You will have to deal with this day by day!!

Dont worry about whole day and try to manage present moment and slowly you would learn to manage anxiety at work!1

That is the way I did!!

Even I am working in MNC as software developer with GAD!


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