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Heart sounds in ear

I've been having this for a while but just now took it into consideration. I keep having a heartbeat sound in my ears (one at a time, depends on how i turn my head, i can make it stop by focusing on another noise. It happens mostly at night, and sometimes in the morning or when I move my head up and down. (shake) I also get feet weakness and loss of coordination but I relate that to anxiety. Has anyone else experienced this?

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Yes often. Aside from playing with the pillows to make sure there is no pressure on my ear (side im laying on) a box fan humming in the room helps alot.


Yes ! I try to ignore it and it goes away. That sound is usually just tapped air. Weakness is common with anxiety. And coordination as well. I've experienced the same thing. Try not to focus on it so much. Think positive thoughts ! Hope you feel better soon !!!!


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