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I've recently been trying herbal medication to calm my anxiety. My anxiety has gotten so bad recently I feel my heart skipping a beat, pumping hard like it's coming out of my chest. This in turn causes me to feel breathless which is a snowball effect, I just keep getting worse. Things at home are hard, I feel like I'm drowning.

I keep having double vision, the room can be pulsating in some cases and in the next I'm seeing dark shadows.

I really want these herbal medication to get into my system. Whether the effects will be all in my head remains to be seen.

I just want answers, I'd want to know what I am suffering with I'm too afraid to see a GP.

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I would highly recommend you see a gp asap

I'm on amatriptlyine but am also trying calms which take the edge off

Try not to be scared to see ur gp they are there to help at the end of the day I've seen so many gps coz of various symptoms n they can be scary but you are not alone

I'm also seeking sum 1-1 councilling and it's all gonna help in the road to recovery

Please make an appt with ur gp and maybe if ur not comfartBle with the gp speak to the nurse at yr surgery xx


Thankyou for your advice :) xx


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