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Mouth ulcers?

Hi, I'll try to be precise and concise. My problem's probably simple and serious. I am not sure.

I have had ulcer's visit from quite a long time now. I was a chronic smoker for the past 6 years, however I have recently Quit. Its been 3 months now that I have quit. But these ulcers have visited me before I even started smoking in the first place. They were quite persistent in their patterns. A visit every 2 months, and went away within a weeks time. However from the past few months, They are really persistent. Even the slightest of the scratch on my lip results in a ulcer.

I tried consulting a few local doctors, all said its just a result of my indigestion, Heat etc....

I was also prescribed a few Vitamin B capsules and anit biotic ointments. The uclers left as soon as I was on mediciation. However they kept coming back after the course was complete.

This went on for a month.

Now I have a major ulcer at the back of my mouth right at the joint of my jaw. Like where my last teeth from the upper and lower jaw meet. Its really giving me hard time to speak and chew. Also now, I feel like have an ulcer in my throat, I can't see it, but I feel it everytime I take in a Gulp. This has happen to me earlier and has gone away, like hundred times. I am not sure what this is, and how I can make sure that these don't visit me again. I am really fed up of these. Please Help.

I have already posted this in the relevant community, however its been more than a week that no one has replied. So I was wondering if anyone knows anything about this.

Secondly, I don't wanna google the symptoms myself, because that would just scare me even more. Please guys, I need your input.

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No I would not Goggle either it will just come up with the worse scenarios ever so best keeping away from DR Google

When we get run down we can get bad mouth ulcers , it could be a lack of something simple like vitamins

I think I would go back and see a Doctor and maybe get some blood tests done

The one you feel you have in your throat could be just anxiety and there possibly maybe nothing there as when we are anxious it can give a feeling of like there is a lump in our throats

Get checked out to give you peace of mind and hopefully some treatment to clear them up x

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Thanks for the input man, I am feeling better already..


I've read that anxiety can cause this. In fact, I've seen it listed as a common symptom.

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Thanks for the input :)

I really needed just this.... thanks guys


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