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Bugging out

So my dumb a$$ used lysol cleaner(contains bleach) to clean and now im anxious that Ive breathed in too much of the fumes. My brain sucks. I am moving because I have a mouse problem. Im a neat freak and ocd . I just moved into this apartment two weeks ago and didn't know about the pests. Im moving out in two weeks. I cleaned up the mouse droppings with bleach to prevent any viruses and I even went over the areas with water after. But of course chemical smells trigger my anxiety on top of my stress about these little suckers. My ocd / paranoia has flared up big time since I moved here. Cant wait to leave.

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That's EXACTLY How I felt Last Night . !

One of my friends who came over was using my gas stove & She turned it all the way on to where it starts clicking to turn on the fire, but she didn't know how to use it and left it on to where it was still releasing gas, the entire kitchen smelled like straight up gasoline and I wouldn't even after I took it off stay anywhere near the kitchen area because I thought I would breathe in too much and pass out or something,

I was kinda freaked out for a second but eventually I felt better when I went to a different room.

Hope you feel better . !

- Tabuu


Thanks. I aired the room out.

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