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Reduce anxiety


Some times i find my self very anxius while im in the bed tryn to sleep or just relax.

Every litlle pain or some unexplained things triger more anxiety that some times lead to panic.

How you reduce it or overcome it?

What things help you?

Do drinking watter is good?

Hot or cold room temp?


Whats the optimal formula for you when you are in the bed?

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Hi,I know the feeling,my mind is on constant alert for any body twinges as I'm scared I get cancer,if you read up up mindfulness it learns you to try and cope with the feelings,it's not easy,but one example is trying focusing you are on a train station and the trains keep coming and stoping now you don't have to get on train just let it go by ,it's the same with the panic you don't have to go on the ride to panic just let it go past as I say it's not easy,I'm going through a rough patch just now and it's helps learning coping stratergies, hope this helps xx

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Thanks alot


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