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I have been struggling with sleeping problems for the past 5 years. It has gotten worse within the past couple of years. I have a hard time relaxing at night. I also develop pains, such as in my abdominal area and that makes me worry. Also, I woke up from a nap with a pounding heart and feeling short of breath. I am under a pretty decent amount of stress. Tomorrow is my final for my first summer class and I am under pressure because I need to do well in order to get the grade I want. I did not do too well on the other tests. I need advice on managing stress. Does this happen to anyone else? Another thing is like I will be sitting in class and I will be fine for a bit and then suddenly something hits me like I'm going to faint or I'm going to stop breathing. Due to all this worry, I can only assume that it is anxiety. All of the tests that I have ever had done have come back normal. I was experiencing some of these symptoms during my sleep study and EEG, so I am hoping that something was found because I want this resolved.

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Hello lovely, sorry to hear about your sleep problems and yes it sounds like anxiety! I recommend to start with journaling everyday and doing something therapeutic in your life on a daily basis too to help you to calm down, relax and overcome the anxiety/stress that has come over you.

I recommend buying this book "Play it away" by Charlie Hoen

You can download a sample onto your iPad/kindle from Amazon if you have one and watch his videos on YouTube.

Some therapeutic ideas could include:

- 10 minutes of stretching

- Massaging your feet before you go to bed

- Reading a book for 20 minutes a day

- Shopping (maybe you can do this once a week)

- Drinking a cup of herbal tea

- Writing poems

- Writing songs


Having dreams, goals and aspirations that you are really passionate about will really help you to overcome anxiety! Do more of the things you lovvveeee and you will be healthier and happier and also try and figure out what could be causing these symptoms I.e. Coffee, stress, pressure from people, lack of organisation, doing the wrong course, unhappy at work or whatever it could be!

Keep journaling and you will start to get to the root and overcome your anxiety. Hope this helps and get better soon xxx

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I really really love this app called calm. It has all kinds of meditations. And guided meditations. Try downloading it. Also try just taking a bath before you go to sleep at night. On the app I'm talking about they have this meditation called deep sleep ! It always knocks me out ! Lol I hope you feel better soon !


Yes, I have Epsom salt with lavender in it =)

The calmatrol did the trick for me last night. I will check out the app.

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I used to play an album by Boko suzuki...called tai chi " sunrise"...never heard the end of the first track yet.....zzzzzzzzzz


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