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Weird Question Regarding Metals

Okay, so I've been experiencing a weird....uh....pelvic discomfort. But then it's not just in my pelvis and sometimes it moves around. It makes it harder to go to the bathroom but it doesn't seem to be getting worse and decreases dramatically when I do things.

Anyway, my nutritionalist has this way of testing the body functions to see if I'm being affected by like gluten or dairy, etc. he found silver and I had no idea what could hold silver that I was being exposed to.


It just hit me a couple days ago that since i a, homeschooled, I have a lot of time afterwards and usually spend hours on my iPad. My legs are propped up so it's always resting just above that pelvic region. For hours. And electronics contain silver. I can be on it for hours doing my stuff, and I've had this iPad for six months so....I was just wondering if anyone has been affected by metals?

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I hope they find the best answers for your health soon. I sit in the position you do for hours on my iPad and so far they never told me I had silver poisoning yet. But that does not mean that it didnt happen to you. I have no knowledge of this so I really can't say though. I just did a quick search and it said that sometimes antibiotic creams used to have silver in them. Back in the olden days of developing photographes and developing the actual film- we had something called a silver recovery unit. And we would process the chemicals from the film (negative) processing in it and gather up silver bumps it left behind in the processor. That is my only experience with silver I know personally.

I hope you feel better soon. Let us know how things are going!


It wouldn't be silver poisoning. Just that metal is affecting me. For that.m


Like an allergy? I am interested in finding out if this is something I should look into for myself. Hope you feel better soon.


Well silver contains toxins. For example, a person with a silver or gold tooth may experience frequent headaches and it's due to that.


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