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Never been diagnosed and never got help

Its got to the point where i can't deal with people anymore. Fed up of inconsistencies and let downs so i put my barriers up and it's worrying because I used to be very social and love being around people. It's like i'm not me anymore. I've been told i'm fine...people don't understnad me i stopped expressing my feelings...and now i'm too quiet...i am lost

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thats true no one really will understand people like us thats why its best to be with people who understand u


Even one person can be enough if he or she understands. Forget the rest for now and give yourself time. If you feel lonely, or need company drop me a message.


I'm sorry that you've closed yourself off. I'm sure the world misses you as you are a beautiful person inside. We all have our paradigms. (how we see the world) I know that it seems like how we see things, is how the world really is; but its really just a reflection of how we see it.

I'm sure you have heard of the "2 wolves" story.

We all have 2 wolves inside of us fighting. A good wolf and a bad wolf. Do you know which one wins? A: The one you feed.

This has a lot of truth and for a LONG time I tried to act happy because if I acted happy then eventually these would manifest into me being happy.. Wrong, and I couldn't bear it!

Eventually, I realized that I was putting all of my effort into the tip of the ice burg without building the foundation for this happiness to sit on. I started by changing myself on the inside (though a long journey, I never gave up) and I am much better/ happier today. I got involved with church again and my relationship with God is so gold now, that all of this suffering was worth it. We need each other, people need each other and people need you. I remember a year ago; this girl was walking towards me at about 100 yards away just beaming with this big smile. I couldn't help but smile too, She made my day and I complimented her on that smile she had. I lately have been smiling at people and complimenting them even if they're sour to me and I really mean the compliments and it has worked wonders! I'm truly happy.

If I may suggest a book. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People


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