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Tension headache really bad today

Today I've had one of my bad tension headache where it's affecting at the moment my full head n at the back of head taken pain killers but nothing really works

It's also affecting my neck which I think is normal these headaches really scare me coz sumtimes they feel like shooting pains in it too but that passes n it doesn't happen again

Doesn't help it's making my eyes hurt too w tension at top of forehead n also I've got a dull chest pain

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So sorry to hear you going through this. I used to get bad tension headaches from neck exercises; so I know a little bit of where you're coming from. Have you talked to your Dr about this? I personally find tension headaches in most people to come from poor posture. I would start by managing your stress, applying heat or cold to the area and practicing good posture exercises. There are lots of good kyphosis exercises available online as well. Most everyone has this now in this tech-era we live in. We're constantly looking down, typing and playing with our phones. Place sticky notes on your fridge, and at your work place that will remind you to straighten up. Hope this helps!


Also try to get a neck and shoulder massage hot showers too.


Thanks I'll try that :-)


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