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Hi i just signed up here so i can get some help(im 17). I have anxiety for 2 years the first year i took medication and then it stopped. Its been 5 months its back and today was strong as ever...So yesterday around 6 am i couldnt sleep so i went for a walk. I started drinking apple juice i had this feeling it didnt agree with me so i had diarrhea and was close to vomiting. So when incame home i was trying to sleep but couldnt my stomach felt ill. I hadthese terrible thoughts and thought i cant control myself anymore. I cldidnt sleep till it was like 12am and when i woke up i was experiencing severe anxiety its like my head is gonna explode .please can anyone help me to get back on my feet and forget this all happened (distractions,etc)

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Your symptoms are what I suffer with I'm on medication which stopped panic attacks still have anxiety I do find meditation helps don't give up trying take all the help you can I really hope you get all the help you need get in touch any time in here to listen.

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Thank you but im trying my best to avoid medication.


This is normal, it coukd last quiet a while . Just hang in there and don't start the drugs again. It will become a vicious circle. I know I've been there . Check out the sight on Facebook, serviving antidepressants , a great group.


Thank you . Im trying my best to forget it without use of medication etc...


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