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I'm starting to believe this is stress

So I've reas up on how stress can affect the abdominal muscles and cause some cramping and constipation. This makes sense because as the days go on, this isn't getting worse, it's just kind of....staying where it's at and when I wake up, it's not there. But then when I worry about it and sit up, boom. No position seems to make it worse. Bending doesn't hurt, lying on my stomach doesn't hurt, massaging it doesn't hurt (actually seems to help) and I feel like I don't know how to relax my stomach. I feel like I've literally forgotten the mechanism to do so. I'm not nauseous, bloated, or anything like that. In fact, since my focus switched to this, I've noticed like, all of my stomach sensations have disappeared. When this feeling DOES manage to subside, I notice it's when I'm really into something; a show, drawing, etc. my back is also out of alignment which I see a chiropractor for so that is not helping. But since my mom felt where things were tight and i told her that's where that feeling is coming from, she believes it to be muscle tension (she also has anxiety). Obviously, if this got worse Id check it out, but I don't want to keep doing that. I even called the doc a week and a half ago and she seems very informed (on anxiety as well) and really sounded as if I were being overly concerned. She also said that she's had patients doubled over in stomach pain that turned out to be all anxiety. I've also found baths to help because since my anxiety centers on my stomach, I think I MAYB be able to accept anxiety can cause this.

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Oh for sure I have had this. it may be caused by tension in your diaphragm if anxiety is causing changes in your breathing, or by (in my case) an acid reflux situation—which itself can be caused by being super stressed and anxious! I got mine under control with Zantac, and in once case a slightly heavier duty acid reducer. I did not find I needed to keep taking anything, just once or twice to "break the cycle".


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