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If you want to go med free . I was having terrible heart problems for 10 weeks after years of training very hard working very hard and keeping myself going with caffiene. I could not get a diagnosis but all my symptoms have stopped after about 1 month of juicing wheatgrass and eating sunflower sprouts. I buy them from the Internet already grown and I have an old slow juicer that can do grasses, 1-2 oz in the morning and evening. I think a lot of this is down to humans being on an unatural diet, I also take coq10 and omega oils, I could not rely on the medical profession, I could not get any help from them, I waited 2 months for the appointment at cardiologist but only saw a nurse who fitted me with a 24 hour ecg test, im waiting 2 weeks for results. If you drink wheatgrass juice and eat fresh sprouts it is possible to get better.on your own. Food can be your medicine, if I want to fully screen my heart to rule out any problems I would have to pay for it.

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I am pleased you have found something that seems to be helping you & yes sometimes it can be as simple as changing your diet !

Obviously if you are already taking medication before you would stop taking it then asking your Doctor first would always be wise as depending on what condition you had changing your diet alone could be dangerous if you just stopped any medication you were taking

I do agree though a good healthy diet can improve so many things & I hope when you get your results back they are what you are hoping for :-) x


I do think its wonderful that some do without meds... I take mostly supplements to help me...but each case is individual... and the best way to stop meds is not 'with force' to yourself... but waiting for the timing...but NEVER say: I will 'never' take meds again...

Otherwise the mind will sabotage you! :)

I only take one .5 Ativan maybe once a day...actually when I wake up around 3AM... and once in a great while in the daytime... I just play it by ear...

You wrote a very nice post, however... and I am proud of you!!



What Im trying to say is that wheatgrass juice is natures finest medicine and sprouts are a miracle food, it should almost be impossible to get sick if Im using them both.


That is very interesting. My anxiety makes me feel like I have heart problems, but I have been checked time and time again.


I've had panic attacks and like, sooooo many anxiety symptoms but I've never taken meds. To me, they just cover up the problem rather than solve it. And I don't want to be reliant on them so I never accepted meds.


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