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Can tight stomach muscles cause burning?

I've been experiencing a burning muscle feeling localized around my lower abdomen. Taking Motrin or anything does nothing. It's uncomfortable but it tends to lessen when I do something. My mom used to be a massage therapist and says my stomach feels (when im relaxing it) like I've just done a ton of sit ups and that it's ridiculously tight. There is no stabbing, shooting pain, just this kind of crampy burning muscle feeling and slight constipation which I wonder is also from tiht muscles?

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Yes I think when we are anxious we tense the muscles sometimes without even realizing it , then this can cause pain

If it continues maybe pop along & speak to your Doctor so they can reassure you

Take Care x


I'm switching my insurance; I can't do that right away.


Or I'll have to use my savings for a trip I want to take in a couple years and that would suck.


Hello Trea

I did not realize that you must be in America or some where like that & we are very lucky even though we moan a bit that we have the NHS in the UK

I think you will be fine , your Mum has had a look & I am sure if she was concerned she would have taken you to a doctor herself

Hopefully you will get your insurance changed so you can get medical care & eat a good diet & drink plenty of water which no doubt you do already as well as try & relax as much as you can as if these muscles are tensing that could be contributing to how you feel

Hope you get it sorted :-) x


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