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Think I'm going to die

It started last Thursday, I just had this feeling come over me, like I knew I was going to die.. At first id not symptoms, just an overall feeling like I knew I was going to have a heart attack.. I have had panick attacks on and off from I was 16, I'm now 28.. From last thurs I've been now getting pains in my chest, sometimes on left sometimes on right and sometimes just a tight feeling all over.. Even when I don't have a pain I feel like I'm constantly tensed up just thinking that something's going to happen to me.. I'm able to sleep which is good but in the morning I'm only awake about an hour and I feel totally exhausted again.. I'm just convinced something going to happen to me, do you think this is just anxiety? I find it so hard to believe that anxiety can make me have all these pains and stuff.. I just feel so tired of feeling this way, I want to feel "normal" again and for these feelings to fade if that's what it is.. I spoke to my gp over the phone and she said it sounded like anxiety to her.. I keep putting off going to a&e even tho I feel like it's where I should be.. Also I google everything and allow it does come up about anxiety it also come up about heart attacks.. So how am I to know if it either one? 😢😢

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Sorry no one has replied to you at this moment but hopefully as people log on you will get more replies

Sounds like you are suffering with Health Anxiety

Anxiety can take all different forms & for some of us it can be the fear of death & that something bad is going to happen to us

Have you spoken to your Doctor about how you feel ?

There is support that they can offer maybe counselling would help

Try & think when ever you have these thoughts & feelings about the last time you had them & nothing bad happened as you are still here :-) so then tell yourself this is your anxiety trying to keep a hold of you & reverse your thought process if you can

When you feel like this is there anything you like that you can do to distract yourself maybe taking a nice bubble bath , listening to some calming music ? if we can try & do something till it passes it can help to ...hope you get some more replies that may help :-) x


It sounds like anxiety. I have all of the symptoms as you do. It can be scary and frustration. You should see a therapist. CBT is very helpful. Cognitive Behavior Therapy.


Thank yous for ur reply.. It's been near 2 months now and Id say I've have 4 days max when I've felt ok, the other days I've had these thoughts and feelings.. I had a doc app 3 weeks ago and she again put it down to anxiety.. She done some blood tests and got the nurse to take ecg and all came back fine.. I just worry that maybe it didn't show up on the ecg within those fews secs as I had no pain while attached to it.. Lately my stomach has been feeling very tight sometimes, hard feeling to explain.. So I think maybe I have cancer also r something else that's doing me damage! I'm so afraid of just dropping r finding out I have something wrong but it being to late to do anything about.. I have a councillor who I speak to about it but he's an addiction councillor as I'm on a substitute programme as I was addicted to prescription meds.. I had tried cbt years ago but tbh I never give it a good go, I went once and never went back.. I thought when the bloods and ecg came back ok that I would have been able to convince myself that it was 100% anxiety but unfortunately I'm still not convinced.. It just seems to real to be anxiety, it's driving me mad.. I think Timor I'm going to phone and make another app with my gp and tell her how I'm still feeling, hopefully she will know what other tests I maybe need doing..

I'm not Sure if anyone will even see this post.. This is only my second time on here so not sure how it works..


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