Any suggestions?

Hello everyone back again. I began having yellow discharge a few weeks ago which was off and on between white. Lately it has been yellow/white and thick. Today when I went to the bathroom it was white and stringy with some blood streaks in it. My vagina has been feeling irritated. I am on birth control but worried it could be something serious. Does anyone have any ideas to calm my nerves? I am currently waiting on making a doctors appointment.


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4 Replies

  • Sounds like a yeast infection. Nothing to be concerned over. If nothing else, you'll get some penicillin

  • I thought so at first too, but a yeast infection wouldn't cause blood streaks in the discharge?

  • It can if the skin is so raw and inflamed on the inside that it drys out it could chap and crack to bleed. But it also could be you are so stressed you are spotting early from your period. You really need to concentrate on drinking a lot right now. It will be so painful but you need to drink lots of cranberry and blueberry juice and then after you use the washroom a lot it will help flush the infection. Vagils is a company that sells items in the pharmacy to tide you over before you see a doctor. But you really need one. I have a memory of a bacteria that can become imbalanced in any woman and that can cause severe itching and drying out the skin until it cracks even inside. Things like using soaps not meant for your privates, bubble baths, tight nylons- all sorts of everyday things could cause it. I hope you feel better soon.❤️

  • Thank you I'm a little calmer now. I have an appointment on Monday

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