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I have had epilepsy for over 50 years. People keep telling me you can claim for this and that but every time I try for anything I just get a letter back saying I don't qualify.

I am talking about PIP which my nurse said I can get. Also sometimes I cannot walk very far as it tires me too much.

Also in last few years I have had total knee replacement and tendon transfer in same leg.,

If anyone knows anything, info would be greatly appreciated.


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Sorry. But I have also been diagnosed as having depression and anxiety as well.



Hello Trevor

The Benefits system has changed so much over the last few years & I would think you could get PIP to however the forms they get you to fill in are not tapered for individuals but standard questions on them which sometimes are not applicable for everyone a reason why lots seem to get refused

If you are getting care from your doctors & nurses with your conditions you want to ask if they could assist you filling out the forms or maybe a letter from them to include when sending back the forms explaining how your conditions affect you

If you contacted your local CAB they can also help you fill in the forms

It is always a good idea when you do answer the questions that you always base your reply on your worse day when you are at your worse

Ask everyone that supports you with your problems to back you up & help you again with your claim

Good Luck x


Hello Tigger

Thanks for that. Only thing they sent me a letter saying I didn`t qualify for it and they had not even received letters back from my epile[sy nurse and my specialist as the day after I receiuved the letter I saw my epilepsy nurse and she showed me the letter as she was just filling it in. So I have appealed against it. Will let you know.



Hello again Trevor :-)

Yes the system is pretty messed up to say the least & a lot of genuine people unfortunately end up suffering because of it but I have heard a lot of positive feedback from people that have appealed so good for you appealing & keep going till you get the result you deserve x


You have to be very specific when explaining how your conditions affect/impact your daily life. Try to find other people who have same problems who have applied for PIP, successfully and ask/read how they described the effects of their illness. I've had to complete forms for DLA (replaced by PIP) for a family member in the past and know that the language you use to describe difficulties must be in line with their guidelines. Think about what things would help to give you a better quality of life. eg, times when you need support from another person - when you have to travel for shopping, social events, appoinments or the effect it has on your mental state etc. Anything you do in everyday life that requires support. You have complex needs and one condition has a bearing on the other. They should not have made a decision on your application without full medical evidence. I'd challenge them on that, but shouldn't have to use your appeal rights to do it. CAB is a good idea, too. I hope this helps.

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