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Hello everyone haven't been on for a while hope everyone is okay.. Right for the couple weeks Iv been feeling like nothing around me is real and I feel so weird i can't shake it off.. Like I wake up and I feel like I'm back in 2007 or something like when I'm talking to someone it just don't seem real!!! Iv had a pain in the side of my head left side for weeks aswell I can't even open my mouth without it hurting scared Iv got a bleed to the brain or tumor I feel so so weird how can it be anxiety please someone really explain I seriously feel like I'm going mental I sit here and think what if I start hearing voices and stuff 😞😞

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Okay, I'm going to explain EXACTLY what the unreal feeling is.

This is called Depersonalization / Derealization. The first is when you don't feel real; your body, etc. the second is when the world doesn't feel real; dreamy, foggy, far away, etc.

The cause: you become so aware and hypersensitive that your brain becomes overwhelmed and "steps into the other room" for lack of a better term. It's your mind's defense mechanism that is activated to protect you from the stress. Do NOT research it; I've done hours and hours of research on this. I've read a book on it. Yes, it is scary. Yes, it can make you feel REALLY weird. I've had it; twenty four seven in the past. I've had both Depersonalization and Derealization. But it's NOT dangerous, it WONT make you go crazy; it is your mind saying it's just too overworked and cannot process all this panic.

I know you are probably going to think: "well maybe I'm not explaining it right: maybe it's not EXACTLY how this person is describing it to feel" and so on. I know, because Ive been there. But each person is different; each experience is different and yes, that applies to this as well.

How to get rid of it: DONT worry about it. I know this is hard and one reason it is so difficult to get rid of, because it's so weird and scary. But go out; go in public. See that nothing bad happens no matter how you feel.

Now the pain in your head is probably tension. People with rumors have like, knives to the skull kind of pain and SUPER bad headaches. But your temples also carry tension which is probably why it hurts to open your mouth. I have that right now but I'm not worried about it.

But do not Google. Nononono. Don't. Believe me; Google pushed me out five months accepting this weird feeling as being anxiety and I'm telling you from experience: don't do it, Man.


Tumor, not rumor.


Oh wow!!! It's exactly that!! Thank you so much for replying. It's just so scary why does your brain do this to you 😔, I hope your okay x


Like I said, it occurs because your brain cannot process the stress. It actually does it to protect you. A bit counterproductive, eh? It's your mind basically saying, "Dude, I cannot absorb your stress so imma disassociate a little to keep you safe." But you gotta not focus on it so much. That won't help.


I so needed to read this. Thanks! Do you have anymore info or tips? I been In this hell for 4 months


It depersonalization. It comes from your fears. It will pass.


Yes hun I would say it is anxiety I get that pain and it moves around my head throughout the day I was convinced I had a tumor in my head turns out it was anxiety I still get it now x


Bookgirl explained it perfectly.


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