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Alcohol and anxiety

Hi, this is something I have recently realised happens to me and was wondering if others have had similar experience. Whenever I have a drink, the following day is a huge struggle. I seem to feel all symptoms which are heightened ten-fold and extremely distressing. Come the evening, I don't feel as bad. It's strange that I seem to focus on negative symptoms and constantly worry that something bad is going to happen. Then logic sets in and I can work through the strange thoughts. Anyone else feel this way?

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Yes I think this is quiet common & lot;s find this happens the day after having a drink

When we are drinking it makes us feel relaxed but it also is a depressant to & when it has worn of that is why we can sometimes feel all our worries more enlightened than before

It is good though that you are working through this & seeing the logic in your thoughts so well done you :-) x


It's becasue alcohol is a stimulant. Same goes for sugar and caffeine.


I feel the same but the only time I relax is having a couple of wines I know I need to stop as alcohol is a depressant it's a vicious circle x


Hi was so glad to read this as I go through exactly the same symptoms ....bad thoughts are often in my head anyhow but like you alcohol makes me feel very depressed,lost,and a feeling of's good to no I'm not alone....wonder why this happens ...take care.


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