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Hi I'm feeling all of my so called friends who I had been friends with for fourteen years has been really spiteful basically because I was busy two days last weekend she fell out with me and had invited me to something this Monday and because I was busy last week she gave the ticket away to her mum and than today she texted me saying meet so I went to meet her and she didn't tell me where we were going and started walking off so I started walking him and than she texted me saying where am I so I told her and she said she's at station so for some stupid reason I turned around to walk to station and she got om without me I'm feeling all alone though

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I hope you are feeling a little better today & maybe sorted things out with your friend ?

Sometimes it can be a really good idea to pick our moments & talk to our friends & let them know how they are making us feel as they do not always realize what they are doing but if they are like that & do realize what they are doing it can be better to start looking round & leaving those friends behind & making new ones x

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Thankyou decided going to go on a day out Tuesday excited x


How nice , I really hope you enjoy it :-) x


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