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Stories of the mind

When you are discontent and irritable you are agitated and look for things to are in "doing mode"

Your mind is the same, when not calm it constantly thinks, and if you are in negative thought mode, it searches and worries about anything and proceeds to exaggerate and makes up stories generating fear and anxiety.

If you were on a station platform and the next train came in ...destination noted as negative thought and anxiety don,t get on it, as it is going to Storyville. (We have the habit of getting on that train).

Instead say" no I,m waiting for the positive train"


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morning stde.. yes your so right the last two days have been bliss due to my being so successfull at non reaction but in pain today from hip and spine problems and so so hard to stay positive when in pain as you will probably know BUT so pleased you posted this as it will help me get my mind in order again today thank you :) X


Thanks for that. Loving the waiting for a positive train analogy!


this is good thinking bout it thanks


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