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I had health anxiety 5 years ago and went through CBT which helped me deal with everything. However since January this year I've been suffering with anxiety again. Im Waiting for CBT (next week) and tried to not take anti depressants but gave in yesterday and got some sertraline from my Gp.

My main worries about my health are my weight loss, I've lost 8 pounds this week i'm still eating but have list my appetite so its possible I'm eating less than I think I am??

Also I have back pains and when I lay down it feels extremely warm on my back. Has anyone else had this? I do feel really warm most of the time too. Mentioned it briefly to my Gp yesterday who didn't seem concerned but I can't stop worrying about it


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  • Hello

    I am sorry to see you have no replies after 2 days , so many members on here they must have missed your post maybe & sometimes it can be worth posting again when this happens as someone will usually reply

    You did extremely well overcoming your HA with cbt well done , it can be something though we have to be aware of it might creep up again & get it pushed out the way before we go into our old habits

    Sometimes we can need a little medication , it is not giving but accepting we need a bit of extra help to what we are doing already

    I think sometimes we do loose weight when we are anxious , some loose it others can put it on , I would try not to worry & maybe take advantage while you can & look at eating more high calorie foods to help put a few pounds back on

    Again with anxiety a lot of us sweat & feel hot & have aches & pains & the more we focus on them the worse it gets , be reassured you GP didn't seem concerned & if it really becomes a nuisance you could always have a word about it again at a later date but you may find once you start cbt again these thing will settle down

    Take Care x

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