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Any one else feel this?

Hi I was wanting to know if anyone else feels a deep dull knot in there stomach? I get this feeling all day sometimes for days at a time it comes and goes for no apparent reason nothing sets it off and nothing I know of gets rid of it it's comes and goes on it's own. It's a terrible feeling I hate it can anyone relate please? It worries me. Thanks

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Hi, I get that as well, apparently it is a symptom of anxiety. I could never work out why it was there either but it made me feel terrible for months, I could hardly function. Couldn't even go shopping. Dr gave me propranolol and it really helped but had to come off it as I have asthma so now the feeling is back! I hate it and wish I could find something else to help. Have you tried propranolol? Xx


Hi I have tried ever anti Ametic some helped for a bit others didn't at all. Phenergan was the best but after a few days on it it stopped working. It's the worst feeling I have it constantly. I hate it so much


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