Tightness pulsing feeling, any one relate?

Hi again...I have a question for y'all.

Lately I've been feeling like pulsing tightness on my left side chest of course I freak out thinking a heart attack. It goes away and comes back with sharp pinching pain/sensations. Gets also tinginli. The pain I feel on the left side is described as if you try to move your breast and squeeze idk how to explain. Idk I sometimes feel it on the left side. Praying helps a lot but I was just wondering if y'all feel this also. Burping helps thank you in advance I appreciate as all of y'all this community is great God bless y'all

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  • have you gone to the doctor?

  • No I haven't cause I don't have insurance or $ to go but I think it's heart burn and my nerves

  • Well if it gets really bad, just go to the ER

  • Thank you I will. It's just scary to feel it at the moment, then it passes like nothing happened. I hate it but I'm glad nothing did happen

  • I would say just get a total physical from your doctor. Once they tell you nothing is absolutely wrong with you and you know it's on your mind.

  • I will once I find one thank you for answering😃

  • No problem! Contact me anytime if you need someone to talk too 👍🏽👍🏽💯💯🍻🍻

  • Thankx

  • It's weird...once I burp I feel alit better

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